ACHIEVEMENTS:  Projects completed under SKIDO through SKIWO are as under:

i)  SKIDO’S best project initiated by community was drinking water project with technical assistant of WASIP the water line has been installed from two km by the main sources of spring water area cook.

ii)  Zarth-Piryan channel one km from hunting money succusses project of the year. The land were distributed amongst 145 household plantation have been started their target is 5 years for complete irrigation of the area.  Due to storms some time the flood is damaging the channels and disturbing the process of plantation. 

iii)  From hunting money we have established a cooperative society in the year 2016.  We distributed the money amongst men and women 80% shares to men and 20% shares to women.  In GB the youths are jobless now “ The Khyber Credit and Thrift Cooperative Society Ltd.”  Granting loans to the youth for entrepreneurship, granting education loans, marriage loans, health loans, granting Family guest house loans, loans for restaurants, hotels, for construction of shops on KKH.  An easy success to get money on low interests, the poor villages have no easy access to the commercial Banks and their procedure is lengthy and high  rates of interests, the society saved us from commercial banks high charges and lengthy procedure.

iv)  Under the SKIDO  Apple orchards for two Village Women Organizations Khyber and Imamabad has been completed.  First time drip irrigation system  has been introduced by the help of ICMOD donors and government departments other stakeholders, a High-dro Ram Pump has been installed at the site of Karim Abad channel with- out the electricity and solar powers, one inch pipe has been installed for lifting water from Karim Abad channel up to the mountain storing in to the tank from there drip pipe lines were installed to the apple orchard plants and it has been found successful.  The piece of land has been given to both women organizations for apple orchard with property rights.

v)  For hunting purposes huts have been constructed in many areas to facilitate the hunters in the winter seasons.  Many pony treks have been constructed in different areas for hunting facilitations.

vi)   One suspension bridge has been constructed by the villagers and AKRSP was successful project another small bridge has been constructed by the villagers themselves for accessing to Karimabad sub village of Khyber / Imamabad inhabitants of the area.

vii)  Last year from hunting money we have purchased yaks for collective farming purposes and we will increase yearly and earn money for the inhabitants of the area.  Yaks are like Ibex a precious animals.   We have plan to use them for Safari purposes for facilitating the hunters and visitors of local, national and international.  We have tourist points in the valley for trekking and hiking camping areas for tourists.  The trekking areas are different destinations one day, two days, three days four days and five days camping site and the village Khyber has caves/caving sites also for tourists.  They would enjoy the long caving sites in the area.  The village has heritage near the spring water source area, green with different kinds of trees  little heaven.

viii)  Live Stock Vaccination, a) Live Stock Insurance b) SCO Network and DSL Service

ix)  MARBLE LEASE:  First time in the GB history the Khyber community collectively have applied for lease of Marble Mine under SKIDO after getting lease we tried to find investors by the grace of God we found a good reputed partner and made agreement with him, the work is in progress.  If the community have lease the investor was supposed to give us per ton Rs. 200/-  but we have lease that agreement with him is no blasting and mixed marble per ton Rs. 1000/- and clean white marble per ton Rs. Rs 2000/-  we encourage the GB villages of whole Districts of  GB to first establish/ register a Public Mining company in the name of the village and then the first investor will come explore the mine, if there is any mine deposit he will tell the villagers company to apply for lease, than your company will apply  and get the lease from Mining Department GB then you could make agreement with the investor.

x)  Since 1995 to 2020  total hunters who have been given hunting licence was Larry Green US firs hunter in the year 1997 to 202 0 were total 90 numbers who hunted in Khyber so far.