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It is relatively obvious that a door with a lock and key served to control who passes in and out.  The opinions of who installed these doors (there used to be two) are divided.  Most people believe that it was the Mir of Hunza who used the narrow, otherwise inaccessible gorge in which Khyber sits as an additional check post for Caravans coming from China and Central Asia.  Another theory, however suggest, that another ruler, Mir of Khutlugh, who once ruled a small kingdom between Gulmit to Khyber, installed the doors.  It is said, the Mir of Khutlugh  could hold his territory for a mere five years, before he was toppled by the Mir of Hunza.  Our ancestors said that in the past Village Khyber have two “Darwazas in the begning of the village and one Darwaza at the end of the village, both had big doors at night time both doors had been closed/locked and two men at every night had been guarded each doors from both side of the village, and guarded at whole night to save the villagers from North and South attackers.  The Asian  Caravans North to South and Ambassadors had used these Darwazas during Silk Route travelling to China, one door south site is still existing  the other one is damaged, but due to construction of KKH site has been changed. South site door is still maintained for tourist visitors.